The Camera Question Part II – PlayBook Edition

One of the best features of my BlackBerry PlayBook is its portability.  I didn’t want a tablet I’d need a separate bag to lug around.  I wanted something truly portable.  With its 7 inch display, the PlayBook fits in my purse, meaning I can take it pretty much anywhere I go.  Case in Point – I went to the Honda Indy Toronto on July 6th.  The Toronto area Honda dealers all get together and sponsor the Friday at the Indy so that fans get onto the grounds and into the grandstands for free.  It’s an awesome promotion and a great way for people who wouldn’t be able to afford to go otherwise.  I was going primarily to watch a driver I’ve known for most of his life, James Hinchcliffe, race in the GoDaddy car.  The Indy Cars go in excess of 100 miles per hour so catching them on film isn’t easy.  I decided that instead of using a digital camera,  I would try to take pictures on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and my PlayBook.

That would be James on track at full speed.  I was surprised at just how good the camera on the playbook was at taking pictures of objects moving quickly!  The quality of the ones on my bold were just as good.  I love me a good camera.


About koalateagirl

I am a BlackBerry addict and proud supporter of the CFL. I am also a Girl Guide leader, tutor and advocate for special needs kids,and honourary aunt to a gaggle of kids. I write and edit for a living. I love gadgets and technology and am a proud member of the BlackBerry Elite Social Media fans program and the YMC Community.
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