The Camera Question

By far the most frequent question I get asked about my Bold 9900 is about the camera.  People ask why I would want a smart phone with a crappy camera.  My answer is simply, I don’t.  Here are the specs on the camera on the Bold 9900:

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 720p HD video recording capability
  • 4 x digital zoom
  • Flash
  • Geo-tagging (So helpful when sorting through the pictures!)
  • Zero shutter lag.  ZERO.  You can capture a memory the instant it occurs.
  • Multiple scene modes.  I actually find this very useful – I have tried out all of the modes, and while Auto is great, the Party and Landscape modes are quickly becoming favourites.

All of this wouldn’t be worth anything without the amazing resolution on the screen – VGA 640×480 high resolution with 287 pixels per square inch.  In short – pictures I take on my Bold 9900 look fantastic on my handheld and on the computer.

The touch screen on the Bold 9900 is also very useful for taking pictures.  You can zoom in or out swiping the right side of the screen, you can either use a key or touch the camera icon in the middle to take a picture.  When you are looking through your photos, the touch screen enables you to easily move between pictures.

I have a 32gb MicroSD card in my Bold so that I can keep photos on the phone, but also transfer them easily with the help of an adapter to any compatible device.  I would highly recommend getting a card if you’re going to be storing music or photos on your Blackberry.

A picture really is worth 1000 words, so here is one I took with my Bold 9900 at a friend’s party.

A Blackberry Bold image

Oh and the header on the blog?  Yeah, I took that with my Bold too.


About koalateagirl

I am a BlackBerry addict and proud supporter of the CFL. I am also a Girl Guide leader, tutor and advocate for special needs kids,and honourary aunt to a gaggle of kids. I write and edit for a living. I love gadgets and technology and am a proud member of the BlackBerry Elite Social Media fans program and the YMC Community.
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2 Responses to The Camera Question

  1. Christine says:

    🙂 Yes, you have got me convinced. That’s the next phone I’m getting. My BB Curve just isn’t cutting it anymore 😉 I love BB though!

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