Let Me Introduce Myself.

So I’m super-inspired by all my blogging friends – I want to have a blog that people read and that makes them think twice about their preconceived notions – both about women in sports and maybe about women in general.  I am not, however, sure where to start.

I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m 31, between jobs at the moment as I have just left my Ph.D program (unfinished) to actually *do* something with my life, and a sports fanatic.   My first passion is the CFL.  I co-host a weekly on-line radio show about the CFL.  I have loved football in all of its incarnations for as long as I can remember.  I also love Open-Wheel racing.  I was 6 when the (then) Molson Indy roared through the streets of Toronto for the first time – I went with my parents and fell in love with the sound of the engines and even the smell of the hot rubber.  Formula One came a bit later but I am no less passionate about it.  I watch baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and basketball when there is no football or racing to watch.

I am also passionate about social media.  I believe that connecting with other people is one of the greatest gifts of the technological age and that social media is an easy way to meet all sorts of fabulous people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.  I am trying to figure out how to merge these two interests of mine – sports and social media.

I’m also intrigued by brand blogging.  I have always been the type of person who, when they find something neat, is more than willing to tell everyone within earshot how fabulous it is.  I also am not afraid to tell people when something fails to meet my expectations.  It seems to follow that brand blogging would be a natural extension of my nature – the question is how do I start.  Actually there are more questions – how do I ensure that I can remain true to my moral code while still doing the job expected of a brand blogger?  I don’t think I could endorse something I didn’t truly love.  How could I, in good conscience send my friends off to buy something I think is crap?  I don’t lie well.  Never have – even as a kid my guilty conscience would get the best of me within minutes.  I want to be sure that I won’t be selling myself to the devil in order to get some free stuff.

I guess that’s enough of an introduction.  I have another post I want to share today so I should get going on that one.




About koalateagirl

I am a BlackBerry addict and proud supporter of the CFL. I am also a Girl Guide leader, tutor and advocate for special needs kids,and honourary aunt to a gaggle of kids. I write and edit for a living. I love gadgets and technology and am a proud member of the BlackBerry Elite Social Media fans program and the YMC Community.
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